The CLT Collaborative was formed as a resource and knowledge bank to increase the adoption of the disruptive construction material known as Cross Laminated Timber.


As construction prices continue to rise, as the craftmen and women fade away and the construction labor pool becomes ever thinning, as the need to build projects faster and of higher quality continues to increase, as our world population grows and our need for more built spaces expands – there rises a need to find a sustainable building material and processes that will fulfill these gaps.

That material is CLT.


The CLT Collaborative is a tool where you can find what projects have gone before, what projects are being planned, what the current news on the CLT block is, find answers to your most basic questions and a resource to uncover those answers to the most complex.


We are an ever growing resource. Please jump in and look around, contribute your knowledge and questions, and don’t forget to come by often, you don’t want to miss that quantum leap, or even better yet, subscribe to our community and be the first to get updates on all the latest information, we promise we won’t spam you!


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