Welcome from the Founder

Thank you for coming to visit our corner of the internet! We are so excited to kick off what we intend to be a one of a kind resource for collaborating on Cross Laminated and Mass Timber.

Our goal is to be your go-to resource for all things in this disruptive material class. We intend to bring you inside stories on the projects that have not only paved the way but continuing to make the leaps forward and upward in real estate development, design, and construction.

Need or want to understand the basics behind all the buzz about this thing called CLT? We will be here filling up the pages with answers just for you. Want to dive deeper into the technical details, but don’t know who to call, we have plans to help you there too!

We hope you stick around and join our community, to participate in the conversation, learn something new, or even share your insights! Don’t miss out on all the upcoming fun – connect with the CLT Collaborative community by signing up now.  Contact Us Page 

Why are we building this resource you ask? Simply because we are passionate about products that disrupt our world for the better. No, we don’t represent a manufacturer or a special interest group. Nope, no hidden agenda other than just simply wanting to help make this a mainstream product – really we all win when that happens don’t you think?

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